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Management of Requirements Changes in Sequence-Based Specifications

Lan Lin, Stacy J Prowell, and Jesse H Poore

Ordinary requirements come in many forms, natural languages, equations, tables, charts, predecessor systems, and ideas in the minds of domain experts. All forms can contain ambiguities, errors, and omissions. They change both during and after a phase of development. Sequence-based specification has in many field applications been effective in converting ordinary requirements to precise specifications through a constructive process. Algorithms for managing requirements changes meet a very great need in applications of sequence-based specification. In this paper we explore the change theory developed with the aid of an axiom system for sequence-based specification, and present algorithms for managing requirements changes of various kinds. This has established the basis for maximizing potential automation support and producing benefits in field applications as well as further development of sequencebased specification.

Published  2007-01-01 05:00:00  as  ut-cs-07-588 (ID:110)


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