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EECS Publication

GF-Complete: A Comprehensive Open Source Library for Galois Field Arithmetic

James S. Plank, Ethan L. Miller, and William B. Houston

This is a user's manual for GF-Complete, version 0.1. This is a pre-release, mostly because the documentation is incomplete. We anticipate that version 1.0 will follow around May or June of 2013, where the code will be cleaner, and we may have a few more things implemented, but more importantly, this user's manual will be complete with more description, examples and hand-holding. Additionally, by that time, we will have a journal manuscript written that goes over all of the implementation techniques in detail. The important part of this release is that it is the first public unveiling of performing region multiplication using the Intel SIMD instructions, which makes it blazingly fast. This is described in our Usenix FAST paper in 2013 [PGM13]. We will not change the interface when we post revision 1.0.

Published  2012-01-05 05:00:00  as  ut-cs-13-703 (ID:15)


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