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EECS Publication

Natural Computation and Non-Turing Models of Computation

Bruce J. MacLennan

We propose certain non-Turing models of computation, but our intent is not to advocate models that surpass the power of Turing Machines (TMs), but to defend the need for models with orthogonal notions of power. We review the nature of models and argue that they are relative to a domain of application and are ill-suited to use outside that domain. Hence we review the presuppositions and context of the TM model and show that it is unsuited to natural computation (computation occurring in or inspired by nature). Therefore we must consider an expanded definition of computation that includes alternative (especially analog) models as well as the TM. Finally we present an alternative model, of continuous computation, more suited to natural computation. We conclude with remarks on the expressivity of formal mathematics.

Published  2003-09-01 04:00:00  as  ut-cs-03-509 (ID:215)


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