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EECS Publication

Sensors, Patches, Pores, and Channels: Progress on Universally Programmable Intelligent Matter - UPIM Report 5

Bruce J. MacLennan

This report presents several systematic techniques for constructing complex nanostructures. First, we define a general 'patch format,' which allows membranes to be hierarchically and iteratively assembled from smaller elements. The usefulness of the technique is extended by demonstrating how such patches may be joined and transformed in various ways. Several membrane architectures, previously developed, are re-derived in patch format, demonstrating its utility. Similar approaches are applied to the assembly of nanotubes. Patch techniques are applied to the construction of channels in membranes, first to the synthesis of a simple (always open) pore, second to the use of sensor molecules, and third to their combination in a simple, open-once channel. Finally, the ideas of patch assembly are applied to the synthesis of non-unit mesh membranes.

Published  2003-12-01 05:00:00  as  ut-cs-03-513 (ID:219)


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