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EECS Publication

Toward a New Metric for Ranking High Performance Computing Systems

Michael A. Heroux and Jack Dongarra

The High Performance Linpack (HPL), or Top 500, benchmark [1] is the most widely recognized and discussed metric for ranking high performance computing systems. However, HPL is increasingly unreliable as a true measure of system performance for a growing collection of important science and engineering applications. In this paper we describe a new high performance conjugate gradient (HPCG) benchmark. HPCG is composed of computations and data access patterns more commonly found in applications. Using HPCG we strive for a better correlation to real scientific application performance and expect to drive computer system design and implementation in directions that will better impact performance improvement.

Published  2013-06-14 04:00:00  as  ut-cs-13-711 (ID:23)


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