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EECS Publication

LAPACK3E -- A Fortran 90-enhanced version of LAPACK

Edward Anderson

LAPACK3E is a version of the public domain numerical linear algebra package LAPACK 3 enhanced with selected features of Fortran 90. The use of Fortran 90 enhances LAPACK by allowing a common source for single and double precision, more uniform specification of scaling constants, and encapsulation of some internal subroutine interfaces. Thread-safety is introduced as a new feature for LAPACK by eliminating all the SAVE statements from the Fortran 77 package. Generic interfaces in the style of LAPACK95 are provided for all the subroutines in LAPACK, while maintaining backward compatibility with both the LAPACK 3 and LAPACK95 interfaces. Numerous bug fixes and improvements are also incorporated.

Published  2002-12-01 05:00:00  as  ut-cs-02-497 (ID:243)


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