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On Algorithmic Variants of Parallel Gaussian Elimination: Comparison of Implementations in Terms of Performance and Numerical Properties

Simplice Donfack, Jack Dongarra, Mathieu Faverge, Mark Gates, Jakub Kurzak, Piotr Luszczek, Ichitaro Yamazaki

Gaussian elimination is a canonical linear algebra procedure for solving linear systems of equations. In the last few years, the algorithm received a lot of attention in an attempt to improve its parallel performance. This article surveys recent developments in parallel implementations of the Gaussian elimination. Five different flavors are investigated. Three of them are based on different strategies for pivoting: partial pivoting, incremental pivoting, and tournament pivoting. The fourth one replaces pivoting with the Random Butterfly Transformation, and finally, an implementation without pivoting is used as a performance baseline. The technique of iterative refinement is applied to recover numerical accuracy when necessary. All parallel implementations are produced using dynamic, superscalar, runtime scheduling and tile matrix layout. Results on two multisocket multi-core systems are presented. Performance and numerical accuracy is analyzed.

Published  2013-07-17 04:00:00  as  ut-cs-13-715 (ID:27)


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