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Comparative Study of One-Sided Factorizations with Multiple Software Packages on Multi-Core Hardware

Emmanuel Agullo, Bilel Hadri, Hatem Ltaief and Jack Dongarra

The emergence and continuing use of multi-core architectures require changes in the existing software and sometimes even a redesign of the established algorithms in order to take advantage of now prevailing parallelism. The Parallel Linear Algebra for Scalable Multi-core Architectures (PLASMA) is a project that aims to achieve both high performance and portability across a wide range of multi-core architectures. We present in this paper a comparative study of PLASMA's performance against established linear algebra packages (LAPACK and ScaLAPACK), against new approaches at parallel execution (Task Based Linear Algebra Subroutines - TBLAS), and against equivalent commercial software offerings (MKL, ESSL and PESSL). Our experiments were conducted on one-sided linear algebra factorizations (LU, QR and Cholesky) and used multi-core architectures (based on Intel Xeon EMT64 and IBM Power6). The performance results show improvements brought by new algorithms on up to 32 cores - the largest multi-core system we could access.

Published  2009-04-28 04:00:00  as  ut-cs-09-640 (ID:72)


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